The Witness to an unspeakable act sings out

TRIGGER WARNING: Child exploitation. 

There have been days over the last few years, where blues singer-songwriter Dorothy-Jane Gosper has had trouble stringing even a few words together. 

In 2016, she faced a nightmare in which she witnessed her…



“I was struck by how painful the writing and production must have been. It is clearly and demonstrably there in the music... 

“We will all be the better for your album, ‘The Witness’. I am sure that it will be…


Canberra songs you have to hear this month!

Thanks to Riot Act for including "The Witness" (title track of my latest album) in this feature.

‘The Witness’ comes with a strong content warning for sexual assault and child abuse. In the song, Dorothy-Jane holds nothing back, expressing the…


Nearly ready!

The recording is finished! The mixing and mastering is very close to being finished. The artwork is almost finished. This album is not far away. 

A word from the Producer, David Pendragon: 

This album has been over 2 years in