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“I was struck by how painful the writing and production must have been. It is clearly and demonstrably there in the music... 

“We will all be the better for your album, ‘The Witness’. I am sure that it will be an important document for people in the music world and society in general. It’s a very significant piece of work and I can see how much it cost you to do it. I congratulate you for your courage in speaking out.”

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'The Witness' is a powerful, unflinching, and necessary album 

Album review from BMA Magazine

Dorothy-Jane's 'The Witness' is a powerful, unflinching, and necessary album; an artist bearing her soul in the very rawest way imaginable. BMA and Australian Radio Promotion's Vince Leigh reviews. Trigger/Content warning for child abuse, mental illness.

Dorothy-Jane’s new album The Witness documents her harrowing journey through pain and grief following her experience of witnessing her husband sexually abusing a young child. 

This is hellish material for a musical work but…

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Canberra songs you have to hear this month! 

Thanks to Riot Act for including "The Witness" (title track of my latest album) in this feature.

‘The Witness’ comes with a strong content warning for sexual assault and child abuse. In the song, Dorothy-Jane holds nothing back, expressing the deep and fundamental betrayal of a loved one. It’s the title track from Dorothy-Jane’s new album, a collection of beautifully and starkly recorded folk and blues songs in which the artist often chooses to place her subject front and centre, unrestrained by metaphor or…

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The Witness Album - FULL REVIEW 

I am thrilled to discover that Andy G of Gee Force has written a comprehensive review of my latest album, The Witness, now available on your preferred platform and to purchase the physical CD. It's most complimentary so I'm sharing it :)))

DOROTHY-JANE – The Witness 
As a mix of blues, soul and jazz album goes with a singer who's got a voice you'll never forget, and which sounds as classic as any great 20th century female soul-blues singer you could name, this is not only essential listening, but it's

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Nearly ready! 

The recording is finished! The mixing and mastering is very close to being finished. The artwork is almost finished. This album is not far away. 

A word from the Producer, David Pendragon: 

This album has been over 2 years in the making and is one of the most powerful, thought provoking and challenging musical works I have ever been involved with. The story behind this album is not mine to tell, Dorothy-Jane will be the one to share that through her songs and writings. 

Suffice it to say that the songs

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