JD Band (formerly Jeff & Deej)

Cruisy Bluesy Roots

Vibes from the bars of New Orleans to the swamps of southern Texas.

Canberra’s Blues force of nature, DJ (Dorothy-Jane 'Deej' 'DJ' Gosper) is well-known for her expressive vocal, harmonica playing and captivating stage presence.

Accompanying and soloing on resonator, acoustic and electric guitars is Jeff Prime.

Dean Edgecombe, a seasoned bassist and vocalist, whose first love is the Blues, rounds out the sound and lays down the groove.

Jeff, Deano and DJ are all songwriters. Seven of their original songs are on the debut album "Blues By Candlelight". Their affinity for Traditional Blues is apparent on the album, with standards dating back to the 1920's.

Full lineup includes Rob West on drums. Smokin!




From Tony Smith's review of 'Blues By Candlelight' album in Trad & Now (Issue 138)

Dorothy-Jane is amongst other things a 'go-getter'. She makes good things happen... 

We should all be thankful that this duo works so effortlessly together. 

It's easy to imagine them being a hit on the cabaret circuits...  DJ bends the blues harp as well as any player...  The way she warbles her voice would be the envy of any magpie! 

Jeff Prime bends the strings of guitars expertly...  Prime's 'Moving On' has a freshness that makes it very Australian... 

David Pendragon and Jack Buchanan have been masterful with their production and recording... 

Prime's precise guitar playing and DJ's deep, clear voice make this CD a very listenable blues experience.