Nearly ready!

The recording is finished! The mixing and mastering is very close to being finished. The artwork is almost finished. This album is not far away. 

A word from the Producer, David Pendragon: 

This album has been over 2 years in the making and is one of the most powerful, thought provoking and challenging musical works I have ever been involved with. The story behind this album is not mine to tell, Dorothy-Jane will be the one to share that through her songs and writings. 

Suffice it to say that the songs deliver deep emotional connection with her in a way that few artists are ever able to achieve. I have cried at times while working on these mixes. I have experienced a huge range of feelings and at times had no idea how to get the sounds to express them. I think in the end we all achieved that. 

I want to thank all the others involved who helped to bring this album home. Jack Buchanan (Assistant Engineer) Matt Nightingale (Bass) Jack Lewis Barnard (Drums) Alison Penney (Keys) John Mackey (Sax) Julia Horvath (Cello) Ian Cameron (Violin) and the Lady of Harps herself Dorothy-Jane Mariah Gosper. 

It will be a little while before the album is out and about however PLEASE get in touch with Dorothy -Jane and ask her to add you to her fanbase and she will connect with you directly. 

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